China Then Now Chongqing 中国重庆 过去和现在 City Of Bridges




China Then & Now Chongqing | 中国重庆 过去和现在 We go back in history to show you the massive change in Chongqing China. (添加了中文字幕) Chongqing also known as the bridge capital of China, this commercial and industrial hub boasts more than 14,000 bridges and deep tunnels. Despite its mega-size, it’s highly functional, modern and efficient, connecting people and china, where transportation is the backbone for this rapidly expanding and growing urban city. In 1929, Chongqing was officially established as a municipality, and in 1937, Chongqing became the wartime capital of China during the Sino-Japanese war. Chongqing remained the capital of China for eight years and five months. With a history stretching 3,000 years, Chongqing has been an important political, economic and strategic centre in China’s west. It is known as a “mountain city” owing to its rugged terrain and steep gorges. The rest of the country also calls it one of China’s four “furnaces” as it becomes hot and humid in summer.

中国过去和现在重庆 |中国重庆过去和现在
我们回顾历史,向您展示中国重庆的巨大变化。 (添加了中文字幕)
重庆也被称为中国的桥梁之都,这个商业和工业中心拥有超过 14,000 座桥梁和深隧道。尽管它规模宏大,但功能强大、现代化且高效,将人与中国联系起来,交通是这座快速扩张和发展的城市的支柱。



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