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事实上,Tkong 持续提供服务不仅仅是博客,还包含了文件分享、社交媒体…我们一直免费提供这些服务,但我们仍然希望您能够资助我们,因为我们并没有就此盈利。


以下信件来自于 Tkong 网站管理员。

Hey, the guests from globe, 

I'm Bruce, I cover almost all the expenses of Tkong, Which include 

Subject: Empowering Tkong: Your Support Will Make an Impact

Dear Everyone,

I am Bruce, and I am the driving force behind Tkong, a website that holds a special place in my heart. Tkong's journey has been one filled with passion and a steadfast commitment to culture and freedom.

As Tkong has grown, I have shouldered the majority of its operating costs to ensure its continued operation. Today, I am reaching out to the Tkong community with a humble request for your support.

Your donation, regardless of its amount, will directly impact Tkong's sustainability and growth. By donating, you are helping us maintain service quality, invest in improvements, and reach more people in a sustainable future.

To support Tkong, please visit our donation page. If making a donation is not feasible for you at the moment, spreading the word about Tkong is equally valuable.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support propels Tkong's vision and its potential to create positive change.

Warmest regards from Bruce Tian.

The donated which after June.2023 will thanks in public, since Aug.2023.

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